This is a page specially dedicated to bringing out the words and the feelings of those individuals who are striving to achieve. The sole purpose of this is to be a neutral ground for them to openly express themselves and give others a window into their life, which will, in turn, push others to make a difference and learn while doing so.

This emphasises the individual issues based on many people, their struggles and their success. It also aims to highlight that individuals inspirations and the success that they acquired on their long journey. This aims to build a community of people allowing them to be more interactive and empathetic to each other’s needs and ways while supporting and motivating them along their path.


The other aspect of this page is to influence people of different ethnicities to join hands together. Once on this platform, be each other’s supporters and encourage each other along the way. Reading about each other will not only open and broaden one’s own perspective but also enhance one’s own understanding of the world around, including understanding the difficulties faced by others.


As you will see, the page also mentions The Project. The project aims to enhance the confidence of people to bring them comfort and solace. It aims to tackle situations, as part of the project, that many people are facing. It works individually to understand the situation of one person and tackle the problems.
The project mostly addresses the education situations that many people face, and while doing so lose a lot, including their courage to deal with day to day situations. Setting up the project was an initiation to be of assistance to all the people who come forward with the intention to connect and get back on their own feet, to be themselves. The aims and objectives can be found on the project page itself.


All I ask is to be supportive and mindful fo their journies instead of commenting negatively.


About me

Being one of the people who have felt the world collapse on her shoulders I have this push to approach people to ease their discomfort. Being the individual who is passionate, fun oriented, looking from the outside and always striving makes me suitable and capable of understanding what the individual goes through and in doing so assisting those who want it.

The project was also initiated due to the sole reason of allowing the people to feel that they are in a much friendlier environment, in hopes that they will see that there is a way forward. The initiation was helped by like-minded and similar aimed organisations, who are willing to see humans as humans.

My intention with this is to show everyone that there is a world out there that is striving and pushing their boundaries to move forward. A world that is filled with hopelessness and destitution yet they are challenging their boundaries to achieve. While doing so I aim to set up a more interactive community filled with aspiration and commitment to engage positively with those who deserve. It also aims to challenge the racism; that arises due to skin colour and other factors, by holding hands with each other in their time of need and motivating them forward.

Be the light that helps others see….

It is after all well said by William Arthur Ward

Greatness is not found in possession, power, position ot prestige. It is discovered in goodness, humility, service and character.


My page is open to interactions or you can personally message me.


What we ask?

This page will be vibrant, colourful, full of variable self-expressions, and real. Please be considerate. They are humans already struggling to find themselves.



Your comments will be very much appreciated, to help steer the page and to motivate the individuals.

In hopes that you will enjoy, and see the world through our eyes as well as yours.





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