A page dedicated to all small things that matter, including all things that make a difference. Using various interactional skill posts will be put up for you to read, enjoy and relate to.

It will consists posts on the following topics;

  • travel
  • food
  • sites visited
  • fun
  • fashion
  • memories made

My main focus will be current events and my thoughts- which many of you can relate to.

Also, my blog will including all relatable topics to life, that will help you indulge in the blog more

This page will be vibrant, colourful, full of immature experiences, and mostly fun.

About me

Passionate, fun oriented, new girl, looking from the outside, town girl, science, arts, fashion, and always striving. I also want everyone to know what I think and see my point of view.


My page is open to interactions or you can personally DM me through my Instagram page.


Your comments will be very much appreciated, to help steer my page to your liking.

In hopes that you will enjoy, and see the world through my eyes as well as yours.






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